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SURGIFOC® - Semirigid Annuloplasty Ring

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Surgifoc® semirigid rings for annuloplasty are intended for use in patients for the correction of mitral and/or tricuspid human valve insufficiency, or mixed mitral/tricuspid insufficiency and stenosis (acquired or congenital), where treatment does not need a replacement of the natural valve; or to replace an annuloplasty ring that has been previously implanted.

Surgifoc® prosthesis carries out the major function of maintaining the physiologic annular shape and motion. The annuloplasty ring is designed to follow the functional changes which occur during the cardiac cycle, thereby maintaining coaptation and valve integrity in systole while allowing good hemodynamics in diastole.

Surgifoc® semirigid rings are composed of a solid titanium core covered by a layer of silicone rubber and coated of high porosity polyester velour cloth to allow a rapid endothelialization.

The titanium core provides strength and durability to the ring. Visible on x-ray.

The suture ring of polyester velour cloth, facilitates tissue ingrowth, favoring the union to the patient´s tissue and decreasing the risk of ring detachment.

Surgifoc® annuloplasty system offers two types of rings: Mitral 120 and Tricuspid 220.

Product Specification:

Mitral 120

The kidney shape of the Surgifoc® semirigid mitral ring remodels the valve ring defining the anteroposterior and transverse diameters of a normal mitral valve for optimal hemodynamic performance.

CodeSize (mm)

Tricuspid 220

The oval shape of the Surgifoc® semirigid tricuspid ring conforms to the configuration of the normal tricuspid orifice. It has an opening in the area of the anteroseptal commissure that allows surgeon to avoid sutures in the Haz of Hizz area.

CodeSize (mm)
ASR-26 T26
ASR-28 T28
ASR-30 T30
ASR-32 T32
ASR-34 T34
ASR-36 T36

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